Receiving your Award

Once you have completed your activities, you should check the following:

  • Did you complete all of the activities in the programme parts for one hour per week for the minimum period?
  • Did you document everything in your booklet or in the ORB?
  • Did you inform your assessors of each activity that you finished and ask them to give you your review?

Regardless of whether you submit the individual sections for approval one by one or whether you submit them all at the end, your Award Leader will review and hopefully approve them.

If everything is in place, you will be informed that you have completed your Duke – congratulations! You will receive your Award at a festive Award ceremony.

If, for whatever reason, you were not able to complete all parts of the Award, you can still receive credit for the section(s) that you have completed. Your Award Leader can arrange for partial certificates to be created.

Bronze and Silver

You will usually receive your Bronze and Silver Awards at your school as part of a festive event.


After completing your Gold Award, you must submit an application to your Award Leader who will sign and send it to our National Association for approval. If you’re using the ORB, this process works digitally.

Once approved, your school or organisation will contact you to invite you to an Award Ceremony so that you can receive your Award in a festive setting.