Security and Safety

In any situation and at any time the wellbeing, protection and best interests of the participants comes first.

It is part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Germany e.V. commitment to ensure that the well-being of all young people, regardless of gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief, race, age or personal characteristics, has top priority and protection from any physical, sexual and emotional harm is guaranteed.

Please refer to our Safeguarding Policy for further information.

In the expedition section of the Award, careful planning of the expedition in advance and its documentation in a route table and topographic map ensures a high level of safety. Your children will also receive appropriate training prior to an expedition and learn how to use their equipment, how to navigate, bivouack and cook outside, how to treat wounds and respond well in emergencies, and how to work together as a team. However, an expedition will always be associated with risks that cannot be foreseen.