Training Courses

Award Leaders mentor young people throughout the programme. Their enthusiasm, competence and self-confidence are crucial factors in fulfilling the promise “There is more in you than you think!” Therefore, our courses and trainings based on our Handbook and Expedition Guide are the foundation of our work. Below you will find information on our training courses.




Programme Course

The Programme Course provides the basic understanding of the Award necessary for practical work, prepares for the design of the expeditions section at the Bronze and Silver levels, introduces the most important working aids and teaches the first steps of Award implementation. The practical result is a plan for the participants’ own Award work.

The participation of at least 3 team members from an organisation is a prerequisite for the implementation of the Award.

Dates in academic year 2021/22:

  • 18.8.21 from 1pm – 5pm (Part 1) and 24.8.21 from 1-5pm (Part 2) – online (FULLY BOOKED)
  • 8.9.21 von 8am – 4.45pm (one-day course) – online
  • 14.9.21 from 1pm – 4.45pm (Part 1) and 22.9.21 from 1-5pm (Part 2) – online
  • 8.10.21, from 2pm to 10.10.21 approx. 12am – Osterburken (Klaus Vogel); this is an on-site training including a Miniexpedition of 2-3 hours on Saturday; please book as early as possible; needs a minimum number of participants to take place; deadline for registration is September 14th; please book an accommodation in Osterburken, for example the Hotel Schwanen
  • 29.10.21, 8am – 4.45pm – online (one-day course) – online
  • further dates as required

Please contact us for additional dates. We kindly ask for early registration, as the courses will only take place with a minimum number of participants and are run by volunteers. Please register by email: [email protected]

Programme Course Overview


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Management Course

The Management Course is about systematically developing the Award work. The most important outcome is the drafting of a new development plan.

The main target group are the members of the management team.
Using the EFQM model as a compass, Award development is taught and practised on real problems and situations. This includes designing “real” programmes, making presentations, planning budgets, writing letters, negotiating and planning actions.

Dates in academic year 2021/22:

  • 22./23.10.21, from 14-18 h and from 9-15 h – online (Klaus Vogel)

Management Course Overview

Please register in the “Onlineverwaltung” or via Email: [email protected]

Assessor Course for Wild Country (Gold Level)

The course teaches the methodological skills for the assessment of Gold expeditions.

The main target group is staff experienced at the Silver level in the expeditions section.
Participation requirements are the Programme Course and, ideally, the Management Course.
Literature includes our handbook, our expedition guide and additional material sent out prior to the course.
The agenda includes short presentations on the content-related topics, a “walking talk” on the stations of the assessment as well as a final analysis and improvement plan of the work on site.
The standard form is combining the course with a three- or four-day practice or final expedition (in times of Corona, the course takes place online).

The main items taught are:

  • Importance of a clear aim for success
  • Standards of route planning
  • Tasks of the assessor
  • Stages of the assessment
  • Methods for the final discussion
  • Looking at strengths of the group and participants
  • Goals and contents of the expedition assessment
  • Identifying strengths and potentials for improvement of the work on site
  • Expedition techniques are not taught

Dates in academic year 2021/22:

  • 12/13.11.21 from 14-18 h and from 9-15 h – online (Klaus Vogel)


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Student Mentor Training

The training course for student mentors/group leadership includes module 1 of the programme training course extended to one weekend; because of this focus, it does NOT qualify for the appraisal activity. The main outcome is a concept and action plan for one’s own work in the field.

The course is aimed at Award participants who want to support the Award as student mentors in accompanying participation (mentoring). Other target groups are Award Leaders who want to receive a sound introduction to the topic of group leadership.
Young people should have completed the Bronze level. The minimum age is 15 years.
Practical work will focus on designing group meetings and speaking engagements. The creation of testimonials within the framework of the meetings is practised on the example of the participating young people.
Learning by doing is a consistent principle in the course for student mentors:

The participants present the main Award contents in plenary.
In tandems, the planning of their own personal Award programme is presented, analysed and evaluated.
In pairs, the key steps of the participation are worked out in a walking talk and then presented.
As a practical example for reflection, testimonials (with different media) are collected
Based on what has been worked out, the participants outline the mentoring concept for their school/organisation as a “mentoring house”.

Dates in academic year 2021/22:

  • 5.11./6.11.21 from 14.30 – 18.30 und von 9.00 – 15.00 – online (Klaus Vogel)

The minimum number for the student mentor course to take place is 9 students. Each school is required to have one adult online with the students as chaperone.

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Let's Talk & Experience Day

Let’s Talk

Regular Award Leader meetings to discuss strategy, aim and performance.

Duke Experience Day

Best Practice Experience Exchange

Webinars on specific programme topics are held regularly and led by our Award Leaders.

Dates 2021/22:

8 September 2021: “The ORB is everything we hoped it would be!” – Insights into the effective use of the Online Record Book at the International School Düsseldorf (Simon Waterworth).

Invitation via our newsletter – registration also possible via email to [email protected]

Registration & Costs

The participation fee for a course is 75 Euros p.p. for private schools and 37.50 Euros for public schools.

Please register by email: [email protected]

When registering for courses and using our other offers, you agree to our course terms & conditions.

We kindly ask for a binding registration, if possible, up to 14 days before the respective date.