Training courses

Our Award Leaders, most of whom are volunteers, support teenagers and young adults during their participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. Their competence, confidence and leadership skills are crucial factors in delivering the promise of “You can do more than you think!” for their participants. Our training courses ensure that Award Leaders feel well-equipped to guide young people’s participation.

Please register using the contact form below.

Costs and GTCs

The participation fee is 37.50 euros per person (for public schools 75 euros per person) and will be invoiced by our organisation following participation.

Please note that by registering for our training courses you agree to our course conditions. We ask for a binding registration, if possible, up to 14 days before the respective date. However, we will try to accommodate requests at short notice.

We reserve the right to cancel a course at short notice if the minimum number of participants is not reached or for other reasons. In this case, you will be notified by e-mail.

Programme course (accreditation for the bronze and silver levels)

The programme training course is the foundation of our training. It provides interested adults with a basic understanding of the programme principles, teaches how best to support young people’s participation, prepares for the individual programme parts and introduces the most important tools for daily work. The practical outcome is a basic concept for the provider’s programme work and an action plan for the first steps.

Participation enables the participant to take on the following roles: Award Coordinator, Award Leader, Supervisor and Reviewer on Bronze- and Silver-level expeditions. Participation is a prerequisite for accreditation on the Online Record Book.


  • PL_18.4.24: 8.00 – 16.00 online (course language* English/bilingual documents)
  • PL_5.6.24: 8.00 – 16.00 online (course language* German/bilingual documents)
  • PL_2.7.24: 8.00 – 16.00 online (course language* English/bilingual documents)
  • PL_19.9.24: 8.00 – 16.00 online (course language* German/bilingual documents)
  • PL_11.10.24: Osterburken / Odenwald (From Friday 3 pm, until Sunday 12 pm; course languages German and English)
  • PL_12.12.24: 8.00 – 16.00 online (course language* German/bilingual documents)

*Course language: participants may use their mother tongue when speaking during the course, however comprehension of the respective course language is a prerequisite to attend a training.

Per request, we also offer program courses for student mentors. The prerequisite is the participation of at least 9 participants (accompanied by an adult) who have successfully completed the Bronze level. These courses can be held in Osterburken or online.

Assessor in Wildnerness Areas / for Gold expedtions

The course provides methodological skills for the assessment of Gold expeditions. The main target group are Award Leaders with experience in Bronze and Silver expeditions. Note: Expedition technique is not taught.


  • GL_11.10.24: compact course for assessors in wilderness areas in Osterburken/Odenwald (From Friday 3 pm, until Saturday 3 pm; course languages German and English)
Management course

The management course is about the systematic further development of the programme work. The most important outcome is the elaboration of an updated development plan. The main target group is the members of the management team. Using the EFQM model as a compass, the development of the programme is practised on real problems and situations.

The management course is aimed at teams that already have many years of experience with the Award and would like to gain insights into how they can improve certain areas of their work. Dates by arrangement.

"Stammtische" and regional meetings

You can find our next Stammtische here. Please register using the following code to facilitate our planning process:

  • ST_Berlin_12.9.24: Meeting for Award Leaders and all those who want to become one! Where: Schleusenkrug in the Tiergarten in Berlin. When: starting at 7 pm.
  • ST_NRW_10.10.24: Meeting for all Award Leaders in the NRW region. Where: tbd. When: starting at 7 pm.
  • ST_Muenchen_17.10.24:Meeting for all Award Leaders in the Munich region. Where: tbd. When: starting at 7 pm.
  • ST_Berlin_4.12.24: Meeting for Award Leaders and all those who want to become one! Where: Joseph-Roth-Diele in Berlin-Schöneberg. When: starting at 7 pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!


These are our upcoming webinars – please register using the form below.

  • Web_11.9.24: Webinar 4 – Best Practice – How do we motivate students to take part in Award? From 5-6 pm via Zoom.
  • Web_18.9.24: Webinar 5 – Best Practice – Choose activities & set SMART goals, from 5-6 pm via Zoom.
  • Web_25.9.24: Webinar 6 – Best Practice – How does the onboarding of participants to the ORB work? From 5-6 pm via Zoom.


Practical expedition skills

Experience has shown that the knowledge we impart in our training courses and our manuals is sufficient to successfully prepare, accompany and evaluate expeditions.

Interested people who would like to deepen their practical expedition skills or receive support in the implementation of their expeditions can contact the following organisations that are licensed by us: Outward Bound, 4Elements and Natur Bewegt.

As a precaution, we would like to point out that these organisations act in their own name.