Basic Information

What is the Duke anyway? Here you can find out more, including where you can participate, how long it takes to participate, what it costs and much more.



Put together your own personal program in the areas of service, talent, fitness and expeditions. Choose activities that you really enjoy or that interest you. Explore the stars or local birds, make music, become a rapper, build models, prepare for a marathon, write poetry, help younger students with their homework or help people who need support …



When your child takes part in the Duke, it will go on a long journey that can change its life. Here you can find out what the Duke is about and how you as parents can support this journey of discovery.



The Award is at the end of your journey of discovery and represents a recognition of your commitment. Even if it is primarily about your personal development: You will see that when you apply to schools, colleges or jobs, people will be enthusiastic about your diverse experiences!