Award Operators receive access to our Handbook, Expedition Guide, the “Toolbox” and the international Award Community as a platform for best practice and exchange after participating in the Program Course.

All documents and work aids are contained in the Toolbox and assigned to one of the fields of work of the underlying EFQM framework according to their area of application (more information on this is given in the Management Course).

Please use the current registration form when registering your participants.

Documents for download (more in our “Toolbox” or on the Award Community)


Last Updated
Handbook and Expeditions Guide

Please use the handbook and expeditions guide provided at the programme course or access the latest versions in the Duke Award Community (Group: Duke in Germany). You can access the Community through the tab at the top of this website.

January 2021
Registration Form/Parental Consent

For the official registration as a participant, needs to be signed by parent/guardian (if under 18) before authorisation of a participants registration on the ORB. Is for use of Award Operator only and is stored within the organisation.

January 2021
Online Record Book (ORB) - User Guides

The User Guides explain how to use the Online Record Book.

Parental Consent for external Activities added at a later stage (optional)

Parental consent for external activities added later.

5. November 2018
Level Planer (optional)

To plan the personal programme on the different levels.

22. März 2020
Challenge Target

Mentoring tool to help you plan a personal DofE program.

23. Oktober 2018
Logs Service (optional, German)

To document the weekly activity in the different section on paper. The activities must be transferred to the Online Record Book (ORB). The log sheets only serve as an aid.

15 Requirements for Expeditions

These conditions must be met for an expedition to be recognised.

10. März 2020
Expedition Training Syllabus

Framework for the Expedition Training.

2. August 2019
Videos to support the expedition training

Over 15 videos have been curated by DofE Canada and Australia to support expedition education in pandemic times. They are part of the VBE Virtual Bronze Expedition package. A few of them are made available here, the others can all be downloaded from the Award Community. If you have not yet registered for the community, you can do so now. You will also need an invitation to our Group, please contact our NAO to receive an invitation: [email protected]

When registering on the Award Community, please indicate that you are part of the NAO. You can select Award Coordinator or Award Leader as your role.



Feb 2021
Planner Expedition (optional)

Supports the planning of expeditions.

3. November 2018
Route Card

Used for detailed planning of the expedition and, together with the map, represents the central elements of any expedition. Is also a core element of supervision planning.

25. September 2018
Food and Meal Planner

Can serve as a template for planning the provisions for multi-day expeditions.

26. September 2018
Evaluation of Group Activity

To evaluate an expedition – can serve as a basis for planning the final expedition, especially after the practice expedition.

25. September 2018
Expedition Kit - Packing list

Overview of equipment that may be required.