As part of our Strong Teens projects, we offer program providers the implementation of the Duke Award with a special focus and/or special support services.

This includes, for example, the joint implementation of expedition training on-site or the provision of the required expedition equipment. If required, we also help with expedition planning and accompany expeditions together with the trained Award Leaders.

We are grateful to the foundations that support us to be able to implement the following projects at present:

  • Strong Teens – Strong Future (for schools in the East German federal states)
  • Strong Teens – NRW (public schools in NRW)
  • Strong Teens – Hessen (public schools in Hessen)
  • Starke Teens – Mittendrin auch ohne Deutsch (for welcome classes in Berlin)
  • Strong Teens – Strong for the Climate! (commitment to nature and climate protection)

If you are interested in becoming a partner school in these projects and taking advantage of our support packages, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Why Strong Teens?

Every young person in Germany should have the opportunity to participate in the Duke Award. Where there are few financial and personal resources, we help as an association.
Key data Strong Teens

How we support

As an association, we accompany the implementation in the first year and support in particular the implementation of the expeditions.
Strong Teens Expedition - Youtube
Ibo vor der Selbstversorgerhütte in Baad

Our partner schools

Strong Teens projects are implemented in Berlin, the new federal states and NRW. They are part of our school network.
Our partner schools