Protection of nature

Respect. Protect. Enjoy.

In order to protect flora and fauna and to make the stay in nature as gentle and sustainable as possible, all expedition groups must observe a few basic rules.

Respect protection zones. Nature needs pristine zones where it can recover from the human influence.

Don’t leave the path. This is the only way to protect the animal habitat to some extent.

Watch out for plants and insects.

Ecological Footprint. Reduce unnecessary travel distances, especially during the trial expedition, and travel by public transport. Careful use of vehicles for supervision and assessment.

Avoidance and separation of waste. Bringing food that is not packed in plastic, separating the rubbish in the bivouac camp and taking it with you or properly disposing of it when leaving the storage area are a must. Every storage space should be left even nicer and cleaner than it was found. All traces that could indicate the presence of the expedition group must be removed by the expedition group.

Further information on behavior in nature can be obtained from our expedition guide.