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Phorms Campus München raises more than 1.000 Euro!

In March 2022 Phorms Campus Munich raised more than 1.000 Euro for a good cause. Students organised a “E6 Challenge”, a charity run from Munich to Hamburg. They are experts by now and we are amazed by their professionally.
Here’s an excerpt from an interview with them from their previous E5 Challenge which the team initially organised as their Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Service in 2021 (repost from Phorms’ website):
Covering real distances in distance learning: At the Phorms Campus Munich, there have been many fresh-air walks in recent weeks, because the tenth graders Felix, Georg, Giorgio and Wladimir, together with their teacher Dr Samantha Manning-Benson, have taken part in a very special action.

With the so-called E5 Challenge, they motivated fellow students, teachers and parents to walk the virtual distance from Munich to the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte together with them. Read our interview to find out what this walk is all about and why they are supporting disadvantaged children at the same time.

What gave you the idea of a virtual walk from the Phorms Campus Munich to the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte?

Georg: We had problems covering our social activities within the “Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award”* programme because of the Corona situation. With the active support of our teacher Dr Manning-Benson, we had already launched the first virtual walk in February, which was very well received within our school community. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our traditional annual charity walk was cancelled this year. We therefore decided to take up the idea of the charity walk and combine it with our E5 Challenge. Since the Phorms Campus Munich always collects donations for the children’s charity “Lichtblick Hasenbergl” during the charity walk, we organised an online collection campaign for this initiative for both walks. The 568 km route to Berlin lent itself quite well to the second walk and so it was clear to us that our virtual destination should be the Phorms Campus Berlin Mitte.

Please find the entire interview and additional information here: