Our Team

Our team consists of people who are passionate about the development of potential of young people and equal opportunities and who want to contribute to the realisation of the UN Children’s Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Vanessa Masing
National Director
Vanessa Masing is the National Director since October 2020. She holds a degree in Business Administration (European Business School, Oestrich-Winkel) and a Master in Childhood Studies and Children's Rights (FU Berlin). After 15 years in venture capital, she worked as a Teach First Fellow at a Berlin school from 2016-2018, where she introduced the Award. Based on the impact she observed Vanessa initiated the first Strong Teens project in 2018. Vanessa also teaches at EHB in Berlin.
Isabel Fitz
Project Manager
Isabel Fitz studied Nonprofit, Social and Health Management at the Management Center Innsbruck. After graduating, she spent several years in the start-up sales world, where she discovered her communication skills. She likes to inspire people about socially relevant topics, tries to advance social justice and is responsible for new school partnerships at the DofE, among other things.
Arne Loth
On Purpose Associate
Arne Loth has spent most of his time studying and working in environmental protection and species conservation, many years of which were spent in the UK. It was there that he first heard about the DofE Award and, as a passionate hiker, was enthusiastic about the outdoor learning approach of the programme. He is currently a Leadership Associate of the On Purpose Berlin programme at the DofE in Germany and is mainly involved in new school partnerships as well as sponsoring and fundraising.
Nareg Seropian
Nareg Seropian is currently doing his Master's in Artificial Intelligence at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Prior to that, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leicester. Nareg did both the Bronze and Silver Awards as a student at the American International School in Cyprus and has been associated with the DofE ever since. Nareg joined our team in June 2020.
Iris Dikel
Shop, Invoices and Expedition Base
Iris has been with the Award since 2008. She manages the accounting, is responsible for orders and coordinates the use of the Bahnmeisterei in Osterburken as an expedition base.