Blog By Vanessa Masing

First final Gold expedition of participants from Berlin

For the first time ever, a final expedition of Berlin students took place at the Gold level in July 2022. Four participants who had completed the bronze and silver levels at their former school, the Integrated Secondary School Ernst-Schering-Schule in Berlin, were accompanied by the association on the gold level. While the practice journey took place in the Uckermark, the group had set themselves the goal of crossing the Rondane National Park lengthwise for the final tour. From the airport, for two students it was the first flight of their lives, they went directly by train and bus to Spranget, the gateway to Rondane National Park. After two hours of walking, they reached the first bivouac site at Rondvassnet. From there, the next day, the group not only walked to Doralseter, but another 5 hours over the “ugly hell” to a bivouac site halfway between Doralseter and Grymsdalshytta – all in all, the group walked for 12 hours that day due to a pulled muscle of a student. Grymsdalshytta was the destination of the second stage, although the route was much shorter than the others at 14 km, it was also so exhausting that everyone was convinced they would not be able to make the final stage.

True to the motto “There is more in you than you think!”, after long discussions about whether the risks were still bearable, everyone decided to “go for it”. After another 17 km stage, freezing rain against which they protected themselves with socks on their hands and tent tarpaulins, the crossing of many watercourses, and many metres of altitude, the group arrived at the finishing point, Hjerkinn – exhausted, satisfied and proud…