How does our license system work?

If you would like to offer the Award Programme at your school or organisation, you can be licensed as an Award Partner.

Our association is licensed as the national provider of the Award Programme in Germany by the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation. Our association is non-profit and committed to the goal of promoting youth welfare.

Licensed organisations regularly confirm to our association that they are able to sustainably ensure the aims and quality standards of the Duke Award and provide the necessary legal and administrative framework to enable the Award Programme to function and ensure its continuity in a way that fulfils the promise to participants:

There is more in you than you think!

If you are interested in becoming an Award Operator, we look forward to hearing from you.


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What are the costs involved?

The contributions associated with licensing ensure the sustainability of our offer independent of donations and funding.

For schools and other organisations:

  • Annual License Fee: 450 Euro (private) / 200 Euro (public)
  • Course Fee: 75 Euro (private) / 37,50 Euro (public) per person

For teenagers and young adults :

  • Registration Fee: 15 Euro (private) / 7,50 Euro (public) per level
  • Award: 6 Euro per Award
  • The costs for carrying out the expeditions vary from provider to provider. It is possible to carry them out inexpensively in the provider’s surroundings, which can be reached by public transport, from 4-6 euros per person.

To enable participants from difficult backgrounds to take part, our association has set up a “Resilience Fund”. This fund supports Award Leaders at schools that do not have a circle of friends or sponsors to bridge financial bottlenecks of individual students.

How can we get licensed?

The licensing process includes the following steps:

  1. Preliminary discussion with the school management to introduce the Award programme, to point out our conditions for Award partners and to clarify open questions. This meeting can take place by phone or video.
  2. Signing of the licence agreement with our association.
  3. Participation of at least three adults in the Programme Course.
  4. Only for the Gold level: Participation of at least one person in the training course for Expedition Assessors in Wilderness Areas.
  5. Check-in talks between school management and association at regular intervals and as required.


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How do participants register?

  1. Participants must complete the registration form and have it signed by their parents or guardians if they are under 18 years of age. The form can be downloaded from the Resources section; it should be handed to the Award Leader together with the registration fee.
  2. Participants will then register on the Online Record Book (ORB). The ORB can be used as an app or on a computer or tablet.
  3. Award Leaders will confirm the registration on the ORB once the registration form signed by the parents and the registration fee have been received.
  4. Now the participants start to choose their activities in the ORB and set personal and smart goals. Award Leaders provide advice and support on how to design a challenging programme. For each activity, the participants also look for an assessor. If the participant plays football in a club, the coach could be the assessor. If the participant works for a organisation for homeless people, this could be a contact person there.
  5. Once the activity, goal and assessor have been identified, the Award Leader can validate the activity via the Online Record Book (ORB). It is useful to provide close support in designing personal programmes as an Award Leader.
  6. Once an activity has been released, participants complete it each week and create a log/entry about it in the ORB.
  7. When a programme section is completed, the section is sent to the assessor. This person receives a link to a page where he/she can leave a review.
  8. Participants then send their Award section to the Award Leader. The Award Leader can then confirm that the Award section has been successfully completed.
  9. When all sections have been completed, the Award Leader will confirm that the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been successfully completed at the chosen level.
  10. The next step is to order the Award from the Association and present it at a ceremony.

Is the Award suitable for Trainees und Young Professionals?

Yes! A key success factor for companies is their ability not only to attract young talent, but also to provide the best possible support for their professional and personal development and to retain them in the company in the long term.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award offers a structured framework for the personal development of young professionals in training or on the job, and thus many opportunities for companies as well:

  • Development of leadership personalities and preparation for higher (managerial) positions in the company
  • Embedding in a corporate social responsibility strategy, with experienced employees assuming responsibility as Award Leaders for participating trainees and young professionals
  • Promotion of an identity-creating corporate culture
  • Attracting young employees to the company
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Networking in the corporate environment

In many countries, the Award is an integral part of the promotion of young talents in leading companies.