How to support your child

Just as you support and guide your child in other areas of life, it will also need this support with the Award. This could include encouraging it to keep the documentation up to date, offering rides to activities or to the expedition area, and – where possible – providing financial support for expedition equipment.


And above all: please celebrate all milestones with your child!

Tips on how you can help your child with the Duke

Help ensure that the activity opportunities your child finds are exciting but realistic for your budget, transportation opportunities and local facilities.


Remind your child to keep records of its activities, e.g., through entries on the log sheets and/or photos.

Find an Assessor

Every young person has to find an assessor to sign off each Duke section. The assessor can be anyone who knows about or organises the activity. It can be the gymnastics or sports teacher, the art teacher, the organizer of club or volunteer events, a neighbor etc. However, he/she cannot be a family member (except as part of the special regulations during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Get the assessment

When their programme ends, you can remind your child to get its assessors to write its reports so that the section is complete.


Make sure that you remind your child to include the Award in its application documents.

Become a Duke volunteer yourself

Perhaps you could also imagine volunteering at your child’s school? For example, you could support the groups on expeditions, raise funds to buy equipment or offer an activity, such as reading, going to the museum regularly or learning to play skat.