What comes after doing the Duke?

If you have achieved your Bronze or Silver Award, then consider going for Gold! If your school or institution does not offer Gold, you could also participate through Duke Direct.

If you already hold Gold in your hands, you could work as an Award Leader to ensure that as many other young people as possible can also take part in the Award. We look forward to every supporter! And especially to working with young adults who have taken part in the Duke themselves. Become part of our Young Award Ambassador team!

Please send us an email if you would like to continue to help our National Association or a specific school with the Duke.

Explore other options: on the English website www.dofe.org, in the LifeZone section, you can find information on using your Award for training, job interviews etc.

Share your Award story

We’d be very glad if you would tell us your personal Award story so that we can share it with our network and inspire many other young people.

Send us an email
Continue getting involved

That your Award time is over only means that a new stage in your life is beginning. Keep getting involved! At a school, at the university, in your training company, in your community – the possibilities are endless.

Much of our society is not yet what you might wish it to be. Change it! You can achieve a lot through your commitment.

Support other young people in developing their potential!

Become part of our international Alumni network

Become part of our international Award Alumni network and stay in touch locally and globally with people and ideas that enable young people to be #WORLDREADY.

Connect – Stay in touch with other Award winners and the Award community.

Explore – Discover local and global opportunities that the network offers.

Grow – Stay informed about local and global employment and internship opportunities, as well as volunteer positions.

Further information can be found at https://alumni.intaward.org.