Supervision on expeditions

The expedition section represents a special challenge for young people. The aim is to let thme experience independence and self-efficacy as a team.

All participants plan an expedition (bronze level: 2 days / 1 night in a tent, silver and gold 3 respectively 4 days) in the surrounding area, carry it out and conclude it with a presentation.

The following rules apply:

  • Participants will be supported in the planning, preparation and implementation by a supervisor (usually a teacher)
  • The route planning of the young people is also checked by an expert (assessor)
  • The supervisor accompanies the young people to their starting point if necessary. From there, participants set out on their own. About every 1.5-3 hours there is a meeting with the supervisor at a so-called checkpoint to clarify any questions
  • The participants spend the night unsupervised in tents they bring with them
  • The participants carry all their equipment with them
  • The participants take care of themselves and cook their own dinner on a Trangia cooker
  • The handling of the equipment, especially the camping cooker, is rehearsed beforehand
  • The participants may be allowed to have mobile phones with them, but depending on the school’s policy these are are often in a sealed envelope and may only be used in an emergency, otherwise the envelopes must be kept sealed until the end of the expedition
  • An emergency telephone is always on so that the group can be reached by the supervisor
  • Orientation and navigation are done using analog maps
  • The supervisor is always available, even during the night. He/she spends the night near the young people, but not with them
  • The young people undertake the expedition at their own risk
  • Supervision always follows the principle of “as much as necessary, as little as possible”. Your child’s Award Leaders will be happy to answer any questions you may have about supervision.